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Revenue Integrity in Healthcare: Ensuring Accurate and Ethical Revenue Capture

Revenue integrity is not simply a buzzword in the healthcare industry; it is a critical component that ensures the financial sustainability and compliance of medical practices. In today’s complex healthcare landscape, maintaining revenue integrity has become increasingly challenging. However, platforms like PhyGeneSys offer healthcare providers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges and maintain revenue […]

Enhancing the Patient Journey: An Overlooked Merit of Medical Practice Management and Billing Software

The prevailing discourse in healthcare technology focuses primarily on clinical efficacy, cost-efficiency, and evidence-based treatment plans. Within practice management, the emphasis largely falls on revenue cycle management and system interoperability. Despite healthcare being one of the largest sectors in society, the importance of leveraging technology to enhance the patient experience has only recently come to […]

Enhancing Reputation Management for Healthcare Practices

Achieving unparalleled excellence in medical practice reputation is no small feat; it demands more than clinical proficiency and cultivating exceptional patient interactions. Reputation management requires a practice-wide focus on seemingly minute details such as accurate service charges, precise coding, and comprehensive charge information. These factors wield a substantial influence on a healthcare practice’s reputation. Yes, […]

Overcoming the Challenge of Patient Boarding in Emergency Departments

The term is patient boarding and the problem is significant. Patient boarding refers to the practice of keeping patients in the Emergency Department after they have been admitted as an inpatient due to staffing and/or bed shortages. In an attempt to raise awareness of this growing problem among policymakers, the challenges facing Emergency Departments from […]