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Support as comprehensive as our software.

Achieving Optimal Performance from Your Software Investment. 

Our goal is to ensure your medical practice and billing team has every opportunity to excel using PHIMED software. That means we support your people as well as our software. The PHIMED support team takes a proactive, collaborative view of assisting in any way we can, everywhere we can, and any time we can. No bureaucracy. You speak directly to a high-level support person who is an expert with every aspect of our product offering, as well as practice management and regulation compliance. In addition, we strive to be courteous, patient, thorough, and customer-centric. 

Our support services include custom system configuration, software upgrades, hardware consultation, and periodic review of operational performance, all to help you and your associates achieve the highest return on your investment. 

Support staff

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Installation and Training: Clear Path to Value.

Your installation and training experience is designed to launch your practice toward greater success. We recognize that every practice needs a solid support team, which is exactly what we give you. We are with you every step of the way. Our exceptional training programs, both initial and ongoing support, are catalysts to higher product engagement and faster time to value.

Moreover, a thorough understanding of how to use your new system helps improve staff productivity and reduce employee discouragement and turnover; less complexity makes our system easier to use, and that leads to greater staff satisfaction.    

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Continuous Improvement through Practice-Centric Maintenance & Updates.

Rapid technology changes, together with new regulations and compliance issues, can bring an added measure of stress to your already busy practice or billing service. Our philosophy is to maintain a continuous dialogue with our clients as a way to provide guidance in our areas of expertise, and also identify client challenges in the ongoing healthcare transformation. We don’t intend for clients to simply keep up; we want our clients to continually improve their practice processes. Our maintenance agreement ensures your practice management system is robust, with tools to optimize performance and meet the changing demands of your practice. PHIMED takes pride in remaining on the cutting edge of the healthcare industry.

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