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Medical Business. Simplified.

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“Since inception, our focus has been on delivering software solutions – data rich functions, ease of use and streamlined efficiencies. The result is a truly all encompassing, end to end program that fully integrates medical management.”

Hal Fulgham
President and CEO
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Simplifying Today’s Complexities.

Today’s medical professionals, be they payers, providers, or healthcare organizations, face an environment of growing complexity. Against the background of advancing regulatory compliance, we view our role not as solely software developers but as administrative and financial experts who strive to bring a measure of simplicity to complex workflows. We are PHIMED.

Our Mission Efficient & Purposeful

Efficiently meet the practice management needs of healthcare providers to help them achieve optimal operations, including an industry-leading clean claims rate of 98.5%.

Our Objectives

Focused & Accessible

Founded in 2006, PHIMED is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality medical management solutions. We believe our excellent service, support, and products are natural outcomes of a valued collaboration among our support staff and clients. Since the inception of our software, PHIMED prioritizes meeting the specific needs of our clients. We continually listen and adapt our system accordingly, with a path of continuous improvement that makes the best software solutions accessible to our clients.

PHIMED is committed to helping clients improve their workflow processes and presenting them with data in a meaningful way. Our knowledgeable support staff meets the ever-changing needs of practice management, driving home success and satisfaction.

Our Strategy

Practical, Customized, Current

A successful practice knows that one of the most business-critical decisions involves selecting the right Practice Management System. That type of value extends to medical billing, reimbursement, and compliance. Equally important, there must be a strategic partnership with a vendor who delivers and supports the practice management system – whether a medical related practice or a medical billing provider.

At PHIMED, we advocate for your organization’s success. We work diligently to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations. From initial installation to training and ongoing support, and throughout healthcare reform and all inevitable changes, we provide you with a leading-edge solution to fit your practice’s needs.

Our Outcome

Doing More Through Streamlined Integration

Our integrated system provides the best way to reduce the human capital requirement and minimizes human intervention error rates and, if an error is identified, creates an exception as early in the billing process as possible. This isn’t just “wishful thinking”; a greater return on your investment and the ability to practice medicine more productively is an evidence-based outcome across all our clients.

From HIPAA compliance to the No Surprises Act to addressing interoperability and final rules, we will support your staff with attentive, best-of-class service and expertise to help you optimize your practice. Because one thing hasn’t changed: we invest our experience and expertise into one integrated system that performs seamlessly. It simplifies your choice and simplifies your operations.