The Case for Innovative Solutions to Assist with Staff Recruitment, Retention, and Greater Satisfaction

In 2019, the World Health Organization declared employee burnout a global organizational phenomenon, and, since 2019, U.S. turnover and job vacancies have markedly increased. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the Department of Labor, reports that, thus far in 2022, 1.7 million health care workers left their jobs, and approximately 20 million U.S. workers quit in the first 5 months of this year, in a period called “The Great Resignation.” Robert Kelley, Professor of Management at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, predicts the unprecedented resignation rate will not end any time soon and may last years.

Understanding Employee Dissatisfaction

The reasons for this mass exodus from jobs are varied, but generally are aligned with greater opportunities; a strong desire to work remote, hybrid/flex schedules, a need for role clarity, better working relationships, and a desire for improved workplace fairness and equity. Additionally, employee and corporate values dis-alignment is a key area of employee dissatisfaction. Indeed reports 38% of workers feel pressured by management to work more hours and 61% of remote workers find it difficult to disconnect. McLean & Company report working hours, work/life boundaries, overtime and availability expectations, and unrealistic manager expectations all contribute to rising staff dissatisfaction, burnout, and turnover.

While companies are aggressively working to create enhanced workplace and well-being strategies, the expected continuation of the critical labor shortage in the U.S. will continue to impact worker productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

Fostering a Rewarding Worker Experience

As insurmountable as the labor issue is, you can make improvements that set the right course. You can invest in innovative, efficient technology solutions to enhance the patient experience and enhance the worker experience. PHIMED’s PhyGeneSys can optimize your work processes and create more efficient workflows. Eliminating repetitive tasks allows your valued office staff to learn new skills, take on more complex jobs and move up the value chain. 

In simplifying the complexities of your practice management and billing, your staff will gain greater workplace satisfaction from minimizing rework and achieving an industry-leading net collection percentage. Your patient engagement and patient satisfaction will improve, and you will be able to easily access data to validate the optimization of your practice through the reporting analytics inherent to PhyGeneSys. PhyGeneSys workflow solutions and PHIMED’s training and support will assist you in effectively navigating the ongoing impact of “The Great Resignation” and your staff’s desire for improved job training, job satisfaction, and job opportunity. And it will help you reduce administrative costs and improve receivables so that you will be poised for organizational growth at your desired pace. 

PhyGeneSys will simplify the complexities of your practice management while focusing on a better experience and outcomes for your patients, clients, and staff.