Kim Page Promoted to Manager of Patient Engagement Services

Kim Page is a seasoned professional with a strong background in medical billing. Effective October 1, she assumes the pivotal role of Manager of Patient Engagement Services at PHIMED Technologies.

Kim’s journey in healthcare began with nine years of experience in medical billing at a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery office before joining PHIMED Technologies. Armed with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kansas, her problem-solving skills and analytical mindset have been invaluable in her career.

Throughout her tenure at PHIMED Technologies, Kim has consistently demonstrated a commitment to learning and growth, eagerly embracing new challenges and innovations. Her passion for collaboration with colleagues and clients has been a driving force behind her professional development.

In her new role as Manager of Patient Engagement Services, Kim will oversee the implementation and management of the Patient Portal and Statement processes. She will also be the point person for resolving any system issues reported by clients, ensuring timely and complete resolutions to minimize disruptions in RCM processes. Her commitment to quality will be reflected in her role, as she performs initial and regression testing on Patient Portal and Statement issues. She stands ready to take on additional responsibilities as needed, contributing to PHIMED Technologies’ ongoing success.

Kim Page’s leadership in Patient Engagement Services marks a significant step forward in PHIMED’s dedication to enhancing client support and optimizing RCM processes. With her expertise and unwavering commitment, Kim is poised to drive excellence and innovation in patient engagement services, benefiting our clients and their patients alike.