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Medical Business. Simplified.


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Medical Business. Simplified.


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Medical Business. Simplified.


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Medical Business. Simplified.


medical billing claims call center
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One Integrated System for Medical Practice Management and Medical Billing Companies.

We bring simplicity to the complexities of practice management and billing. As a leading medical software development company, we put our experience and expertise into one integrated system that performs seamlessly.

The PHIMED solution combines our integrated software with our administrative expertise and insight in a single package. Tailored to your particular needs, it simplifies your choice and simplifies your operations.

  • A comprehensive solution to simplify your operations
  • Integrated system reduces need for manual intervention
  • Reduces workload, improves efficiencies and cost savings
  • No hidden “module” costs or surprise requirements

Everything Flows. Everything is Verified. For Speedier Payments with Minimal Rework.

Data Management & Acquisition

Fast, secure, efficient and cost-effective solutions that acquires, stores and analyzes patient data electronically.

Charge Management

Establish customized rules. Shortage expectations are monitored in real time to allow for timely appeals.

Claim Management

Improve your claims processing and reduce cycle time, leading to increased efficiencies, time and money savings and faster reimbursements.

Denial Management

Resolve the issues leading to medical claims and mitigate future denial risk, reducing rework, ensuring faster payment.

Insurance Payment Processing

Automates the insurance payment process, identifies under payments quickly and minimizes denial risks for improved efficiencies.

Insurance Follow-up

Automated payer/plan solutions give you status of any claim that has not been adjudicated for greater financial returns.

Patient Engagement

PHIMED provides real-time reports to optimize the patient experience and allows them to choose the preferred method of communication.


Our automated technology delivers a vast range of standard and customized reports that include valuable exception reporting that identifies predictive data.

Special Insight, Whatever the Specialty.


Emergency Medical Care

Where the admissions process cannot always capture patient coverage and other important data our system identifies gaps, and integrates all data as it comes in.



We have vast experience and special insight into this complex category. Our PhyGeneSys system monitors and manages all billing-related issues, including insurance plan configurations, specific reporting, and all follow-up needs.


Large Medical Practices

The larger the practice, the more complex or diversified your patient base, the more you can save. Our software is proven scalable, intuitive, with robust reporting. To pay you more quickly and give you a clear, simple view of your billing.


Medical Billing Companies

Our technology simplifies data entry and flags any errors to assure accuracy and a consistent increase in revenue—cash flow. We reduce the personnel required to bill services and enhance collections, which improves overhead.

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“Since going on PhyGeneSys, my A/R has been the cleanest it’s ever been and the lowest days in A/R I’ve experienced with any system.”

– Sue in PA

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Our Proven Solution for Medical Billing?

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